Here are links to the documents that should be completed and returned to the Stated Clerk/Communicator by February 14, 2017...


All pastoral leaders in our congregations (pastors, associate pastors, parish associates, interim pastors, Commissioned Ruling Elders, and any others) are asked to complete and return the following form:

Pastoral Compensation worksheet - 2017.xlsx

All teaching elder members of the Presbytery are asked to complete and return an updated contact information form:

Teaching Elder Contact Information - 2017.docx

All clerks/secretaries of our congregations' sessions/boards/councils are asked to complete and return the following forms:

Church Information - 2017.docx

Necrology report - from 2016.docx


Clerks also are asked to complete the Annual Stastical Report for the Presbyterian Church's General Assembly.  The main webpage for this can be accessed by clicking the link below.  You then may go to the "Online Statistics Entry system" to enter your username and and password.  (This is the same as the last few years, but feel free to contact our Stated Clerk/Communicator if you need help.  Also feel free to contact Steve with any questions about entering information into the system.)  A workbook to help you complete the report is available on that website, and also note special instructions for anyone who might be using the Interet Explorer web browser.