A question came from leaders of Isaiah’s Table.  Some members of this worshiping community have begun to express interest in being baptized.  The question was if there was any possibility that such baptisms could take place in that community.  The dilemmas are at least two-fold:

  1. There is neither a teaching elder nor a commissioned ruling elder (CRE) in an installed pastoral position in Isaiah’s Table; and
  2. Since Isaiah’s Table is not an organized congregation, nor is it envisioned that it ever will be, there is not a session to authorize baptisms nor membership rolls on which to enter the names of those baptized within the community.


Teaching elder Steve Plank, the Presbytery Stated Clerk/Communicator, wrote a paper that explores some of the constitutional issues involved in this question, as well as proposes a solution that would satisfy our polity, be consistent with our Reformed theology, and meet the needs of the community of faith that is Isaiah’s Table.

The Ministry Work Group (COM) of the Presbytery endorsed this paper, and, at its meeting on November 16, 2016, the Presbytery's Leadership Team approved it.  You may read the paper here:  Stated Clerk's Interpretation (2016-01) - regarding Baptisms by ruling elders.