Position Description: CHURCH BOOKKEEPER


Purpose: To manage the financial accounts of the Church, maintain necessary records, and provide information to appropriate persons.


Responsibilities and Functions:

A. Financial Management

1. Each week, in conjunction with designated counters, count and record regular and other

offerings and prepare bank deposit to be delivered to bank by counter.

2. Prepare checks from properly authorized invoices or vouchers, secure necessary signatures

and distribute checks accordingly.


B. Reports and Records

1. Prepare monthly, and year-end financial reports for the Finance Team to present to

Session. ( Prepare balance sheet, Income Statement and other reports as requested) Prepare quarterly reports of income and expenditures.

2. Prepare report of detailed expenditures (in QuickBooks called a “Quick Report”) for each

expense account quarterly, and distribute to appropriate

Team chairperson and/or staff.

3. Prepare budget worksheets at appropriate time and distribute with current “Quick Report”

to appropriate Team chairperson and/or staff. Compile data to Excel Budget

worksheet showing current financial data, and in conjunction with Finance Team,

project data for following year.

4. Record and code income and expenditures.

5. Enter and maintain records on computer; follow “back-up” procedures.

6. Prepare and file Federal and State mandated forms, remittances and deposits.

7. Prepare and file Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly mandated forms.


C. Communication

1. Meet with and provide information to the Finance Team and Treasurer as requested.

2. Inform the Head of Staff, Finance Team and Treasurer about significant changes in

the church’s financial status.

3. Provide information to the Auditing Team.



1. Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in financial management with knowledge of Quickbooks and “fund accounting” desirable. Church bookkeeping is preferred.

2. Capable of managing one’s time and the financial accounts of the Church.

3. Proficient computer skills to perform necessary responsibilities.

4. Understanding of the necessity to maintain confidentiality of financial records.

5. Ability to relate, with a positive attitude, to a variety of people.



Accountability and Working Relationships

The Bookkeeper is supervised by the Pastor/Head of Staff and works collegially with the

Treasurer, Finance, Stewardship and Memorial Gifts.

An annual performance review will be conducted by the Personnel Team in consultation

with the Pastor/Head of Staff and Finance Team.


Compensation and Benefits

This is a non-exempt position of an average of fifteen to twenty hours per week. As the hours are dependent on the flow of work, occasional peak activity periods may require additional time, while slower periods may result in fewer hours per week. This will be determined in consultation with the Head of Staff. Compensation and benefits will be reviewed annually and will be consistent with the Personnel Policies of Northminster Presbyterian Church.