Church Leadership Connection (CLC) Call Seekers:


As we greet the New Year, we are happy to report that the CLC Revision Project is well on its way.  The updated system will include new forms and new matching criteria. The changes to the system will provide for greater compatibility between positions and referred leaders while maintaining our commitment to the core values of openness to God’s call, transformational leadership, diversity and an opportunity to serve.  All users will be required to enter new forms into the system beginning April 1, 2013.  CLC users will have until August 1, 2013 to enter data into the new forms.  During this time, CLC matching will continue as usual.


Currently, the system has been updated with the below enhancements.  If you desire, you may update your PIFs beginning January 14 to take advantage of the new features. The new enhancements are:


  • All persons are encouraged to enter a PIF in the system.  However, if you are not actively seeking a call, please choose to have your PIF placed into the inactive status. An inactive PIF can still be circulated using the self referral feature and is available to be searched for referral.  
  • Calling agencies will have the option to only be matched with PIFs that have statements of faith included in their application.
  • Additional languages are added to the system to include the first languages of many immigrants in our denomination.
  • A link to the Board of Pensions’ definition of effective salary is available.

As we continue to make progress on the CLC Revision Project, we will keep you updated on additional changes to the system.  Our commitment to you is to communicate frequently so that you are aware of changes as they are made and no one is unduly inconvenienced.  We look forward to continuing to partner with you in service to Christ’s mission.  For questions concerning the new system enhancements, please contact our CLC Consultant Staff for assistance (888-728-7228 ext. 8550 or