Summary of Leadership Team meeting on February 4, 2014


The Presbytery’s Leadership Team held its monthly meeting on February 4 at Pebble Hill Church.  The following are items that were discussed at the meeting…


Teaching elders Craig Lindsey and Andrew McTyre presented to the Leadership Team some of the background that led to the new design we have as a Presbytery, from their perspective as members of the former Creation Team.  Our current model presents a “minimalist” approach to Presbytery structure and organization.  We all are still working on how best to live into that new model.


The Task Force for use of monies from the sale of First Pres. United in Syracuse for helping churches fulfill the Great Commission has set its first two meeting dates:  February 13, 2014 and February 27, 2014.


The sale of the Lysander property has been finalized, having been sold in January to Richard Whitney of Baldwinsville, NY for the price of $1,000.00.


Allison Seed, our regional representative of the Board of Pensions, will be present at the May 17, 2014 stated meeting of the Presbytery, which will be held at Otisco.  Ms. Seed will give a presentation at our meeting, as well as be available to talk with people about the Board of Pensions.  This is particularly timely because of the major changes in medical benefits that will take effect in 2015.


The Finance and Property Work Group presented a snap shot of Presbytery finances.  This shows assets of approximately $2,000,000, with no outstanding liabilities.  The Work Group also presented a proposed paper, “Responsibilities of the Finance and Property Work Group.”  This was approved, and has since been posted on the Presbytery’s website.  Finally, the 2012 audit has been completed.  We are simply waiting for the final report to be issued.


The Committee on Preparation for Ministry is in the process of filling two vacancies on the committee.  They also are looking at formalizing all of their policies in one document.  They are exploring ways in which we as a Presbytery might help individuals who are sensing a call to ministry, and how we best can help congregations identify and support such individuals.


The Leadership Team will again be meeting with consultant Mark Betley.  This will take place on March 11, 2014, which will be the next meeting of the Leadership Team.


If anyone in the Presbytery has questions, comments, or concerns about the work of the Leadership Team, please feel free to contact any member of the Team, or contact Steve Plank, the Stated Clerk/Communicator.



Steve Plank,

Stated Clerk/Communicator