Dear Friends,

The General Assembly just voted to reduce the number of Synods from 16 to between 10 to 12. While I can't imagine that this will effect us because of our current large size and geography I think we will need to let the dust settle on this and listen carefully to where God may speak in perhaps new places and ways.

I know we have broad, deep and passionate commitment to our New Way Forward. I expect this Way will not be hindered by this vote. I urge us to remain focused on our missional goals and hold steadfast to our foundational values.

As I assume you know our General Assembly also adopted a more inclusive understanding of marriage. Again, this creates powerful change that will affect people on all sides of this issue. I encourage all of us to embrace one another in our differences.

I commend to you the new confession which this General Assembly approved. The Belhar confession beautifully weaves together the values of unity, reconciliation and justice. Holding these values together will guide us well in our journey of living into the way of the kingdom.

Our work is never easy and times like these are complicated. Please be assured of my full determination to moving forward.

In Christ's love,

Harold Delhagen
Transitional Leader