Soul Space

For Pastors, Lay Leaders and Worship Planners

January 8, 2018


Liverpool Presbyterian Church


The Invitation:

Hey pastoral leader, have you ever had a moment when Advent just finished and you haven’t even caught your breath yet, and now you need to start planning for Lent?  It hits you like a ton of bricks!  We are here for you!


Come away for a day to debrief from Advent and to start preparing spiritually (and practically) for Lent.  The first part of the day will be centered around personal reflection (spiritually catching our breath).  The second part will be collaborating and planning for the Lenten season by sharing themes and specific ideas with others.  A light dinner will be provided 6pm.    Worship teams are highly encouraged to come and work together to make specific plans for the season of Lent in your particular context.


Pastoral Leaders  arrive at 1pm

Worship Planners come at 5pm

Dinner at 6:00pm