Our Work Together

Committee on Ministry (COM) Workgroup

Co-Chairs: Lorrie Day Anson & Lorrie Cooney

The primary responsibilities of the COM are best fulfilled by fostering healthy ministries in the congregations of the presbytery. This is accomplished by serving as a pastor and counselor to the ministers of the presbytery; facilitating the relations between congregations, ministers and the presbytery and to settle differences on behalf of the presbytery when possible. 

Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) Workgroup

Co-Chairs: Beth Dubois & Lynn Jacques

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry is responsible to guide the process that prepares individuals to be ordained as ministers of Word and Sacrament. 

Committee on Representation (COR)

Chair: James Moore & Lorrie Cooney

The Committee on Representation exists to advocate for diversity in the leadership of the Presbytery and to review the performance of the Presbytery in this regard and report it annually to the Synod. COR also works with the Nominating Committee in advising the committee regarding representation. 

Nominating Committee

Chair: Tom Oak Vice-Chair: Linda Russell

The Nominating Committee serves the Presbytery in nominating leadership for the Leadership Team, Synod and General Assembly positions as well as other positions within the Presbytery.

Permanent Judicial Commission

The Permanent Judicial Commission reviews and acts upon any cases of administrative or judicial process referred to them by the Presbytery.

1001 New Worshipping Communities Workgroup

Co-Chairs: Karen Fay & Nancy Wind

The purpose of the NWC workgroup is to support the exploration, development and sustainability of New Worshiping Communities in the presbytery, with the added potential of revitalizing existing and established churches by connecting those congregations to the mission of God in their neighborhoods.


Studying God's Word together, growing in faith and faithfulness.


Holding each other and God's world up in prayer.


Sharing our resources, our lives, our needs and our dreams.


Joining hands, hearts and minds to serve God's people locally and around the world.