Susan Silliman Smith

Elder (Mexico)

I was born in Tucson, Arizona when my Dad was in the Army- Air Corp during World War 2, but I was born the day before VJ Day. (Dates me right?) Anyways my church upbringing was very ecumenical. I went to a Lutheran Church for Sunday School until 5th grade and Presbyterian Church for Church and during Summers when we lived in Oswego to the Ontario Bible Conference summer camp in Oswego.  It was to say a very interesting journey. After we left Oswego, I was fully Presbyterian and joined the church in 7th grade.We moved a couple times and I ended up graduating from Hamburg High School in Hamburg, NY. My parents moved to Mexico while I was going to Syracuse University but after graduation with a BA in Sociology, (Later received my MSW at SU as well),  I transfered my membership to Mexico. My mother is the one who got me into the PW organization. Funny thing is both my future husband and I were ordained Deacons at the same time. I later became an elder but not until more men were ordained including my late husband George. I am currently serving as the Clerk of Session and Ruling Elder.  In addition to editing the “Steeple”, I teach Sunday School and do a host of other things. I am also serving on the Leadership Team for the second year which I thoroughly enjoy. Along with Rita Hooper, I serve as CoModerator of PW. 

It has been exciting to serve the Lord through the now PCUSA for so many years. I have been inspired by many exchanges including participating in the greater church, like PW churchwide and Synod events and it was my greatest joy to be a commissioner to the GA in 2000 when it was in LA.